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Mission Statement

Our goal is to to provide fresh foods to your home.

We believe we stand out compared to our competion. The dairy home delivery service used to be about the farm providing milk for their community.

Local, fresh, and someone who you could call a friend, that is what we are all about. We know where every last drop of our milk comes from, and you are invited to even come see it.

Fair Oaks Farms Fresh Delivery, From Our Farm to Your Door.

About Fair Oaks Farms Fresh Delivery

We are the new Milkman in town. Servicing parts of Northwest Indiana and Indianapolis, we provide home delivery of some of the finest farm fresh products in the world. Whether it be a residential or commercial delivery, we are your conveneint and quality solution to shopping for your dairy products.

When it comes to dairy, Fair Oaks Farms Fresh Delivery has a high standard for quality. We deliver some of the best cheese, milk, bacon, eggs, yogurt, and more right to your doorstep. Not only that, but all of our products come from family owned dairy farms that pride themselves on their traceability and environmental friendliness.

We aim to provide you with great products that come from great farms. We are here  to help simplify your life. What makes us unique is not only our world class products, but that we also save you the most expensive commodity of all... time. So, set up your account, customize your Cooler, and experience the quality of our products and service.


Visit the Website of Fair Oaks Farms

Our products are sourced from Fair Oaks Farms™. An industry leading dairy when it comes to milk quality, and conveniently has some of the best cheese in the world, award winning in fact.

They have opened their doors for the world to see, and you are welcome to visit the farm and join the millions that have witnessed the purity of the process. Through our partnership we have access to a variety of Fair Oaks Farms™ products and invite you to enjoy them as much as we do.