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At Fair Oaks Farms Fresh Delivery we feed off of customer feedback, so please feel free to contact us at anytime. 

Telephone: 219.310.2027


Email: admin@foffd.com


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- - FAQ - -

1. When is my delivery?

The deliveries are Monday for the DeMotte/Wheatfield area, Wednesday for the Valparaiso area, Thursday for the Crown Point/St. John area, and Friday for the Indianapolis area

2. How do I submit an order?

You don't submit an order as you are shopping. Once you create an account you can fill up your shopping cart. Whatever is in your shopping cart at your cutoff time is locked in. The cutoff time is the day before your delivery at 11:30pm (except for the Fresh Produce Box, that is two days before).

3. I didn't receive something that was on my receipt, what do I do?

First off, sorry we couldn't complete your order. A variety of our items can only run on a limited stock, and we just don't know if we can fill the order till the day of the delivery. We do not bill you till the weekend following your delivery. This allows you to let us know if there was any errors with your order. We will refund you for any products not received and credit you for the inconvenience.

4. What is the the deal with the coolers?

The reason we ask that you put a cooler on your front porch is that if you are not home during deliveries (1-8pm) it allows us to leave your products and head on to the next house. We do offer coolers for you to use for two free uses and then we will charge ($20) if you'd like to keep it. If you do have one of our coolers and want to return it please contact us and let us know to come get it.

For cancellation, out of stock, return and refund policies please read our Commercial Policies.