First off, sorry we couldn't complete your order. A variety of our items can only run on a limited stock, and we just don't know if we can fill the order till the day of the delivery. We do not bill you till the weekend following your delivery. This allows us to adjust your order if we are out of stock. We will refund you for any products not received and credit you for the inconvenience.
If you would like to use your own cooler or insulated bag that is great! Although not necessary as we will carry enough bags/coolers for the route that day. If by chance your cooler is not sanitary enough to leave your products in we will provide one instead.

We do ask that coolers/bags be returned upon your next delivery.
There is, and here's how it works!

Orders over $50 will have a $3 Delivery Fee
Orders between $49.99 and $20 will have  Delivery Fee of $5
Yes, it is $20. If your order does not meet that $20 mark it will be removed before the cutoff time for your route.



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